• Social TV Buzz & Social Media Monetization

    Monetizing Relationships With Fans and Followers

  • Excellent Brand Engagement & Campaigning

    Establishing Direct Customer Connection and Dialogue

  • Excellent Customer Experience & Relationship Management

    Boosting Customer Loyalty

  • Excellent Digital Reputation & Issues Management

    Protecting and Leveraging Business Success

  • Excellent Employer Branding

    Winning the War for Talents

“The future of business is digital, mobile and social”

Sten Franke, Founder & CEO


The Currency in Which Businesses Are Calculating and Get Paid is Data


The World in Which Businesses are Competing Has Become Mobile


The Media Through Which Businesses Are Interacting With Customers Are Social

The internet, markets and companies are in possession of a huge power which already today is crucial to business and will be a vital precondition for sustainable business performance tomorrow: Big Data.

As an experienced digital market consultancy it is our job to take advantage of this vast potential of Big Data consisting of “payed“, “earned“ and “owned“ Digital, Mobile & Social Media and to unleash by converting it into creative energy, measurable results and computable business success for our clients.

This is the mission of ethority by Sten Franke & Company:  Unleashing Digital Excellence!

ethority by Sten Franke & Company – The Best Buddy For You And Your Company

We advise and accompany you, covering the entire process- and value chain of Digital, Mobile and Social Media, and currently offer our experiences and competencies as a compass for your digital roadmap which help you:

  • To identify and evaluate relevant changes and digital technological trends on your markets;
  • To analyze the status quo of your organization, campaigns, markets and products;
  • To assess the potential of your products and services, your target audience and competitors;
  • To develop the appropriate vision and adequate strategy for your individual digital transformation;
  • To generate valuable content for your target audience and to provide in “owned, payed & earnedmedia;
  • To create optimal performance by using proper mechanisms for essential engagement.


Why ethority

ethority by Sten Franke & Company Is Your Best Buddy for Social Media Engagement // Brand Engagement // Customer Experience // Reputation & Issues Management // Employer Branding.

Cross-Channel // Cross-Cultural // Multi-Lingual

Social Media Engagement
Brand Engagement & Campaigns
Customer Experience Management
Reputation & Issues Management
Employer Branding & Talent Attraction

Through the combination of ethority Competencies and ethority Excellence Modules you will gain a better understanding of the world of Digital, Mobile and Social Media. You will learn to use the hidden potential therein and in the end you will profit by the enormous power of Digital Media and Social Media due to own digital excellence.

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