Social Media Shitstorm & PR Desaster Warning

Social Media Shitstorm & PR Disaster: Crocs & David Bowie, Cheerios & Prince and Cinnabon & Carrie Fisher: Social Media, Dead Celebrities and Brands simply Do Not Fit Together

If social media managers and PR managers have learned from the past year 2016 and various Social Media Shitstorms & PR disasters, then it is a simple Merksatz: Never make the death of a celebrity particularly creative in the social web for your Brand campaign & engagement. This is quite certainly wrong and ensures a violent Social Media shitstorm and PR disaster. At least there are three examples from the past twelve months in which the brands were subjected to massive criticism after their postings, which were always understood as humorous or entertaining tributes to the deceased.



Shortly after acquaintance with the death of the Star Wars star went the following post online: „RIP Carrie Fisher, you`ll always have the best buns in the galaxy“.

After all, the Cinnabon-Social-Media-Team quickly realized that it was not such a good idea to post even the smallest wordplay on such a day and quickly deleted the tweet.



Even more violent was the anger Crocs got for his shoe posting to the death of David Bowie. Without any connection, the plastic shoe producers posted the photo of one of their sandals and the flash logo the pop star had used in the 1970s.



What do chips have to do with the death of Prince? Right: Nothing! This posting is all the more incomprehensible. The result: much annoyance with the fans and a debate on whether it would not make sense to have at least one experienced PR Manager in the mostly Social Media teams occupied by Millennials. Because, every professional would have advised against and not bother the mourning fans with such branded content. Surely enough and empathic would be a Prince photo and a R.I.P. to express the sincere sympathy. The danger of such an action going backwards is just too much. In such postings and PR actions, the risks outweigh the opportunities by far.


Unleashing Digital Excellence – ethority has a new mission and introduces new S.M.A.R.T. Social Media Monitoring tools of DataChamp24

ethority, the former Social Media Marketing & Intelligence Pioneer with headquarters in Hamburg, places under the brand name “DataChamp24“ five new “Instant Market Intelligence Solutions“ on the market of intelligent Social Media monitoring tools which again set new standards worldwide as further development of its maturing technology and expression of ethority’s new corporate philosophy.

S.M.A.R.T. in its very approach – because they are „Secure & Sustainable“, „Modular & Multilingual“, „Advanced & Accessible“, „Ready & Reliable“ as well as „Time Saving & Transparent“ – five so-called “DataChamps” are targeted on individual application areas of Digital, Mobile and Social Media which more and more decide on business success in companies and organizations: “Social Media Engagement“, “Brand Impact & Campaign Assessment“, “Customer Loyalty Improvement“, “Reputation & Issues Management“  as well as “Employer Branding & Talent Attraction“.

The department that is entrusted with the particular task is given S.M.A.R.T. and fitting insights by individual DataChamp24 which helps to concretely improve Social Media performance and primarily the particular business performance.

Sten Franke, Founder & CEO of ethority about the development of DataChamp24: “We are taking the next step in development since Social Media Monitoring has become indispensable by now. We replace the rudimental keyword monitoring which mostly is limited to the analysis of buzz and tonality with meaningful market intelligence for concrete but often difficult tasks of our customers such as addressing and winning high potentials via the internet. By our new DataChamp24 Solutions, reliable statements and naming of individual  factors of success are possible for the first time.”

According to Franke, the development of DataChamp24 was triggered by technological innovation and especially by ethority’s new corporate philosophy as a digital market consultancy. Pursuant to the claim “Unleashing Digital Excellence“, ethority’s aim is helping the clients to unleash the enormous but often hidden potential of their Big Data collected from Digital, Mobile & Social Media, convert it into market intelligence and clear the way to the praised Digital Transformation.

For this purpose, parallel to the application areas of DataChamp24, ethority has defined five so-called “Digital Excellence Modules” of which each stands for excellent performance in a particular application area of  Digital, Mobile & Social Media:
“Social Media Engagement“, “Digital Branding & Campaigning“, “Customer Experience & Relationship Management“, “Digital Reputation & Issues Management“ as well as “Employer Branding & Talent Attraction“.


Sten Franke explains: The future of business is digital, mobile and social. But: currently, the much needed Digital Transformation is only part of the road map in few companies and means a strenuous effort for every organization. We want to lead our clients – quasi as Best Buddy – into this direction, use the power of Big Data and ensure digital excellence with regard to crucial tasks. Therefore, we have not only developed DataChamp24 and defined  five Digital Excellence Modules, but also combined our insights and experiences due to 15 years of digital business to five competencies on which we focus in our work as a digital market consultancy for our clients: Premium Market Intelligence, Compelling Strategies, Content, Media & Technology, Sustainable Engagement and Performance Control.“

Let us talk about which ethority Excellence Modules or which DataChamps help you with your individual task, how you can gain digital excellence and permanently improve your business performance.

Please contact us, we are looking forward to hearing from you.