• ethority by Sten Franke & Company

    Your Best Buddy for Achieving Excellence in Digital, Mobile & Social Media

As a former Social Media marketing & intelligence pioneer we – Sten Franke & Company – have already established our Social Media monitoring technology gridmaster under the brand name gridpatrol in 2002 as a professional web monitoring solution at well-known global players for implementing digital intelligence on the market.

Already at that time we were able to show that the systematic and continued analysis of Digital, Mobile & Social Media provides very interesting and valuable insights for almost every corporate sector which can be used as a strategic base for different tasks.

Since then we successfully face up to very specific, but always exciting challenges and wishes of our clients.

Today we consider ethority as a digital market consultancy with the vision not only to be a technology service provider for you – our clients – but also a creative director, sparring partner as well as a constructive/critical consultant and companion for successful implementation of individual solutions.

Let us – ethority by Sten Franke & Company – be your Best Buddy in all aspects of Digital, Mobile & Social Media.