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Your reputation is a valuable asset that can only be created slowly and with a lot of effort, but can be destroyed very quickly – through thoughtless statements, questionable behavior or wrong reactions, e.g. to criticsm. As a result a crisis is imminent, in the digital world it is a „Shit Storm“.

Meaningful Premium Market Intelligence provides the basis for protecting or reestablishing your reputation in these cases. For this purpose, we observe and analyze your concrete issues, current topics, such as sustainability, social responsibility, vision & leadership as well as all dimensions of your individual brand and corporate reputation.

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ethority Competencies

With 15 years of experience in developing and implementing digital strategies as well as deep insights into different branches we know that Digital, Mobile & Social Media are challenging for almost all companies. The huge variety of application spectrums causes enormous need for counseling and implementation.

In order to show you the tangibility of the variety of tasks, we combined our experiences with Digital, Mobile and Social Media to five ethority Competencies on which we focus in our work as a digital market consultancy:

  • Premium Market IntelligenceReputation & Issues Management: Reputation analyses (with the options: cross-cultural, cross-channel, multi-lingual) show you whether, why and how your company, your brand are criticized and exposed to negative influences or campaigns of a third party.

However, the greatest benefit can be achieved through a strategic combination of all ethority Competencies across the entire process and value chain of Digital, Mobile & Social Media, including:

Reputation & Issues Tracking by DataChamp24

As a pioneer of digital issues monitoring ethority has gained valuable experiences and knowledge in answering complex, qualitative questions. Using our Repuation & Issues Champ we observe all relevant platforms, forums and communities for you and rate the digital, mobile and social opinion market, continuously – in terms of your concrete topics along the different dimensions of your reputation and based on your determined criteria.

  • Reputation & issues tracking by DataChamp24 – Reputation & Issues Champ incl. Dasboard 24/7-access for multi-users
  • E-mail-alert automated – for relevant terms and topics
  • E-mail-alert editorially revised by an analyst – for relevant KPIs, terms, trends and topics
  • Reputation, stakeholder, trend & topic analysis for various Digital, Mobile & Social Media
  • Influencer analysis for various Digital, Mobile & Social Media
  • Reputation & Issues summary report (per day, week, month)
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