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Corporate Client Case: Cloud-Based Collaboration Tool vs. On-Premise – Keeping confidential corporate information safe from everybody’s snooping eyes?

Sometimes, even if you really want to, it seems impossible to brake old habits. You want to do things differently, but there appears to be no alternative. My old habit – relying on Cloud based collaboration tools as a team communication tool. You are probably thinking “But there are so many cool collaboration tools out […]

Social Media Report: Generation X is most active user group

Even the experts from Nielsen have been wondering about the outcome of their Social-Media-Report 2016. The market researchers looked at the social media usage of the different age groups. And, the result surprised even the pros. Unlike expected, the Millennials are not the most committed social media users. Nielsen divided the study participants into Millennials (18 to 34 years), Generation X […]

Social Media Shitstorm & PR Disaster: Crocs & David Bowie, Cheerios & Prince and Cinnabon & Carrie Fisher: Social Media, Dead Celebrities and Brands simply Do Not Fit Together

If social media managers and PR managers have learned from the past year 2016 and various Social Media Shitstorms & PR disasters, then it is a simple Merksatz: Never make the death of a celebrity particularly creative in the social web for your Brand campaign & engagement. This is quite certainly wrong and ensures a violent […]

TV goes Social – Millennials watch Media Brands on Snapchat

US Millennials say they usually view well-established media brands on the Snapchat rather than media which targets their generation – according a survey of 1,117 US Snapchat users conducted for Variety magazine. Most-viewed content are well-known TV channels, networks and magazines: Buzzfeed (54%), Comedy Central (44%), iHeartRadio (32%), Food Network (31%), ESPN (27%), People (25%), […]

8 reasons you need Video Marketing

Video is the driving force for web traffic in 2014 with ¼ of traffic being directed through Youtube each day. Recognizing how to produce engaging video content can drive campaigns and new products to new levels of exposure for brands and campaigns. Creating product review videos works in getting the viewer’s familiar with the product […]

Facebook to battle Snapchat

If you can’t buy them, destroy them. Facebook is in the works of creating a new application that will Rival that of Snapchat. In 2013 Facebook offered the owners of Snapchat a $3billion acquisition price tag, which Snapchat rejected hoping to capitalize later in 2014 with a larger offer. A move that Snapchat may in […]

DataChamp24 benefits in social media

Social media is a very tricky plane to navigate. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, and LinkedIn are just a few examples of the major players in social media. But there are other platforms for social media that companies overlook that can be detrimental to campaigns aimed at garnering the highest engagement rates. Blogs, Forums, […]

Twitter update, how it can improve your brands reach.

In an attempt to keep users engaged longer through its desktop application, Twitter is slowly rolling out a new design for Twitter profiles. These new profiles are more than just ways for users to interact with their followers and people that they follow, this new layout and everything that comes with it presents great opportunities […]

Samsung Galaxy S5 and twitter hashtag report

The Hashtag is familiar with almost everyone, from being used on news shows, call to action posters, and most widely, twitter. Hashtags are being used everyday to connect people to a certain topic in which they share their interests, and companies are latching on at the opportunity to create the most engaging slogans for hashtags. […]