Successful Social Media engagement begins with establishing meaningful Premium Market Intelligence in the form of Social Media analyses, studies, interpretations and recommended actions – so deep insights into the Social Media environment of your customers and knowledge about which Social Media and social networks your target audience uses, their user behavior and preferred contents.

We use these valuable insights to develop sustainable strategies for your Social Media engagement. By managing valuable content as well as using relevant media and social-savvy technologies, we guarantee excellent and dynamic engagement with your clients, fans and followers.

Best Practice, Clues, Insights
ethority Competencies

With 15 years of experience in developing and implementing digital strategies as well as deep insights into different branches we know that Digital, Mobile & Social Media are challenging for almost all companies. The huge variety of application spectrums causes enormous need for counseling and implementation.

In order to show you the tangibility of the variety of tasks, we combined our experiences with Digital, Mobile and Social Media to five ethority Competencies on which we focus in our work as a digital market consultancy:

  • Premium Market Intelligence for Advanced Social Media Engagement: Social Media status quo analyses give information about whether your Social Media strategy takes hold on your recorded platforms. It shows you where to find potentials for optimization regarding engagement, fan & follower growth, range, mechanism, content, media and campaigns. In addition to that, we recommend a benchmarking with your competitors and/or other Best Practice examples in Social Media engagement.
  • Premium Market Intelligence for Beginners in Social Media Engagement: Social Media status quo analyses are especially suitable for your company or organization if you have not practiced active Social Media engagement yet and want to find out where or rather how your brands, products and contents are reflected by your customers and which expectations they have.

However, the greatest benefit can be achieved through a strategic combination of all ethority Competencies across the entire process and value chain of Digital, Mobile & Social Media, including:

  • Compelling Strategy: Developing/optimizing your Social Media strategy
  • Content, Media & Technology: Developing/optimizing content management as well as your editorial and media planning
  • Engagement: Developing/optimizing your community management with optimal mechanism for every network
  • Performance Control: Establishing a Social Media performance control system, e.g. by the Classic Social Media Champ
Social Media Monitoring by DataChamp24

Continuous Social Media monitoring is necessary to be able to actually follow your stakeholders’ innumerable conversations in various Digital, Mobile & Social Media. The Classic Social Media Champ of ethority Spin-Off’s DataChamp24 does not only measure the performance of your Social Media activities on your own platforms (“Owned Media”) and reveals potentials for optimization, but especially illustrates the activities of your fans, influencer, competitors and other stakeholders on third-party platforms (“Earned Media”).


  • Social Media monitoring by DataChamp24 – Classic Social Media Champ incl. Dashboard 24/7-access for multi-users
  • E-mail-alert automated – for relevant terms and topics
  • E-mail-alert editorially revised by an analyst – for relevant KPIs, terms, trends and topics
  • facebook performance analysis (available for various Social Media & Networks)
  • facebook audience analysis (available for various Social Media & Networks)
  • Social Media summary report (per day, week, month)
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