• Unleashing Digital Excellence

The mission of ethority by Sten Franke & Company is to unleash the digital potential of every company and to convert it into creative energy, measurable results and computable business success – in “payed”, “earned” and above all “owned” Digital, Mobile & Social Media.

The corporate claim of ethority concisely summarizes our mission: Unleashing Digital Excellence

Finding valid and comprehensible answers to complex questions motivates us – the multi-cultural team of ethority with its wide interdisciplinary expertise and experience in research and development for years – and leads us to even higher performance.

But we – the team of ethority by Sten Franke & Friends – are only satisfied when you – our clients- are satisfied, too. For example when we make the impossible possible once again.

Count on us!

By the way: With the Social Media Prisma ethority has established the most common survey of the most relevant Social Media platforms ordered by categories and topics.