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Excellent employer branding begins with the implementation of meaningful intelligence – with deep insights into your applicants’ environment, including valid knowledge about which channels the top talents prefer, their user behavior and needs. It is essential to identify the right touch points of the high potentials’ job seeker journey which determine the preference for you as an employer.

We support you in establishing an excellent employer brand in relevant professional Social Networks, like LinkedIn, Xing and Co. We help you with calling attention to your company on job portals and in employer ranking communities and enhancing the image of your company as an employer that is perceived by the labor market.

Best Practice, Clues, Insights
ethority Competencies

With 15 years of experience in developing and implementing digital strategies as well as deep insights into different branches we know that Digital, Mobile & Social Media are challenging for almost all companies. The huge variety of application spectrums causes enormous need for counseling and implementation.

In order to show you the tangibility of the variety of tasks, we combined our experiences with Digital, Mobile and Social Media to five ethority Competencies on which we focus in our work as a digital market consultancy:

  • Premium Market Intelligence for Employer Branding & Talent attraction: Employer brand analyses (with the options: cross-cultural, cross-channel, multi-lingual) show you how your employer brand in its positioning (SWOT) and differentiation on the different platforms is perceived by your potential applicants, whether your advertisements are viewed and how they are recommended. We also demonstrate where to find potentials of optimization, regarding employer branding, recruiting experienced, skilled employees, respectively, highly qualified and coveted talents (so-called passive seeker) as well as the range and effect of your campaigns. Additionally, we recommend a benchmarking with the Best Practices in your particular segment for applicants.

However, the greatest benefit can be achieved through a strategic combination of all ethority Competencies across the entire process and value chain of Digital, Mobile & Social Media, including:

Employer Brand Tracking by DataChamp24

Do you know what the valued top talents think about your reputation? How your company is perceived in relevant professional Social Networks like LinkedIn, Xing and Co.,on various job portals and in the countless communities? Do you know how the coveted high potentials rank your digital employer image? Using our Employer Brand & Talent Champ we analyze all relevant platforms, forums and communities and enable you to answer reliably a variety of qualitative questions by continuous observation and sustainable rating of the digital, mobile and social labor market.

  • Employer brand tracking by DataChamp24 – Employer Brand & Recruiting Champ incl. Dasboard 24/7-access for multi-users
  • E-mail-alert automated – for relevant terms and topics
  • E-mail-alert editorially revised by an analyst – for relevant KPIs, terms, trends and topics
  • Employer brand performance analysis for various Digital, Mobile & Social Media
  • facebook audience analysis (available for various Social Media & Networks)
  • Employer brand channels analysis (as quarterly, half-yearly and annual evaluation)
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